Vang Vieng Explore

1 day Tour (Trekking 4 Caves: Elephant cave, Snell Cave, Loup Cave, Water Cave, 2   villages,  kayaking or Tubing back to Vang Vieng).

Depart from Vang Vieng Town drive to the north 15km, passing many villages and get off at  Tham Xang villages, where we learn their culture and visit Elephant Cave, Snell Cave, buried deep in the, we then trek to Loup Cave, stop along the way to enjoy the stunning vista of Vang Vieng and its surrounding area and going to Water cave get fun with a tube to swim in front the cave, blue lagoon here we will enjoy good lunch and relax, before trekking to Pha Thao village ( Hmong village ) to explore padding fields and vegetable garden while visiting with villagers. After satisfying mutual curiosities, then kayaking or tubing back to Vang Vieng.

Price for Tubing                    Price for kayaking             Price for half day

1 person 63 $                       1 person 62 $                      1 person 50$

2 people 40 $/person           2 people 35 $/person         2 people 28$/per

3 people 30 $/person           3 people 30 $/person         3 people 22$/person

4 people up 25 $/person      4 people up 24$/person     4 people 18/person

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