Vang Vieng Ultimate Adventure

3 days trekking tour, 3 Caves: Elephant Cave, Hok cave, Nam Thaem Cave, 2 Villages: Elephant Village, Phathao Village, hills and waterfalls.

Day: 1 Leaving from VangVieng at 9:30 am Elephant Village where we will see the Elephant Cave and then start trekking up the mountains for a height of 1k meters. When we arrive at the Secret Eden we will rest for lunch and enjoy the river. After we finish lunch we will continue our trek to the Hok Cave where we will see beautiful scenery of the Vang Vieng District and continue through Phathao Village to the Vang Vieng local Eco-Lodge where we will stay the night.

Day: 2 After breakfast we will continue trekking up head to Nam Thaem Cave, going through it will lead us to a beautiful valley where we shall begin a 3 km walk up the mountain. After having lunch and finishing the trek we will arrive at Nam Thaem waterfall where will cook dinner and camp at the night.

Day: 3 After breakfast and reorganizing we will begin the trek back down the mountain and head to a small waterfall where we can enjoy swimming and jumping into the pool while our guides prepare lunch. When we are fed and rested we will journey back to Nam Thaem Cave and from there to road 13 where we will be picked you up truck back to Van Vieng.


1 Person 321$

2 People 263$/person

3 People 186$/person

4 People up 148$/person

Includes: English Speaking Guide, Entrants fee,  All Meals and Water, Transport

What to bring: 3 days changing clothes, Hat, ,Sun cream, Mosquito Spray, Walking Shoes, Camera, Sleeping Bag, Torch, Lighter and candle

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